I wish we’d found them when we first started out…

We’ve dealt with a number of accountants over the years. However, from the first day that we engaged BHP, they have consistently met the challenges that we have thrown at them. We first encountered them when transitioning from a previous accountancy firm and we were blown away by their speed, accuracy and service levels. They pay particular attention to the quality of their own people and fully understand the need to build a sustainable relationship with their clients.

I wish we’d found them when we first started out 10 years ago. Super-accurate, great quality work, underpinned with solid advice and a great customer approach. Their team has made a significant positive impact on my business and I remain thankful for, and appreciative of, all their efforts.

They are easily the best accountants we’ve ever had and they are very much an integral part of our business now and for the foreseeable future.

Geoff Shepherd, CEO, iSource Group and Chairman of The Yorkshire Mafia